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Who Me?

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | May 20th, 2019

In our hectic lives, it seems like we're constantly having to take care of this and that on top of about a million other things and especially more so when we have families.  I've run across quite a few busy people and ask them "When do you have time to take care of yourself?"  Their response is a common "Oh, that's selfish" or "I would feel guilty if I didn't help others". Often times they put themselves on the back burner, not realizing that they are probably exhausted or burned out.
By all means, continue to help others but make time for yourself.  Let life slow down. Certain things can wait. It's important to reenergize and refresh yourself.  Do the things that you enjoy the most that perhaps you haven't done in awhile.  You're just as important as those you care for.

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