What is an EAP


And How Does it Work?

E.A.P. stands for Employee Assistance Program.

Many larger employers add EAPs to their benefit packages, and the perks in them vary greatly. EAPs can include reduced-fee legal services, adoption assistance, discounted realtor services, and, most often, Mental Health benefits.

It’s important to understand that your EAP benefits are almost always separate and distinct from your Health Insurance benefits. By that I mean, just because you have Anthem health insurance doesn’t mean you have Anthem EAP benefits.

So, once you’ve confirmed the company your employer contracted for EAP benefits, the process for using the benefit is fairly simple. You, as the covered employee, call the EAP. (We can’t make that call for you since it’s the employee’s benefit.) The representative will get your information, and advise how many sessions they will cover – free to you! – and will give you a list of counselors who accept their authorizations. They should also provide you with the authorization number.

You can then choose a counselor from the list, call the office, and make your first appointment.

Easy, peasy!

We look forward to working with you and your employer’s EAP.