Life Coaching Services


Have you ever felt that your life is “stuck” in an important way and that you need a better plan like a roadmap, in order to get you to where you want to be?   What would you like to change? Think of a life coach as a “personal trainer” for your mind, who can help you climb that mountain. The life coaches at Families in Focus, although they are counselors, have additional professional education that they use to identify the obstacles in your current path and give you guidance to help you reach your objectives.

After an initial meeting between the life coach and client, the coach helps customize a plan to meet the needs of the client, and the two agree on a goal, an approximate number of sessions for attaining the goal, and a schedule for future sessions, which usually run for about 30 minutes and take place by phone, in order to provide greater flexibility and convenience. “Homework” is likely to be assigned between sessions, to build the skills that will increase the likelihood of success.

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Families in Focus is very easy to talk to. They do a great job of validating my feelings and making me feel better about myself. I like their availability. I have a schedule that sometimes varies at the last minute and they are always very accommodating and gives me appointments that work for the both of us. – A.J.

I would like to express my appreciation for what you did to help me and my wife become stronger and better people. Things are going well. I reflect upon things I learned quite often and am slowly but surely applying them. I find this new knowledge quite helpful in coping with the ups and downs that I now know all marriages have… –Wayne W.