Compassionate and Effective Solutions

Our therapists are known for their compassionate and professional approach to therapy and coaching. Whether your concern involves family challenges, relationship stress, work, education, or personal issues, the therapists at Families In Focus can help you improve your life with effective care. At Families in Focus, we strive to help our clients and here are some remarks and kind words they had to say about us…

Linda is very easy to talk to. She does a great job of validating my feelings and making me feel better about myself. I like her availability. I have a schedule that sometimes varies at the last minute and she is always very accommodating and gives me appointments that work for the both of us.
– A.J.

The sessions with Linda have helped me to gain clarity on issues that were causing me stress and unhappiness in my life. It has helped me to finally take those steps that I needed to bring about the life I wanted and deserved to have.
– C.T

Welcoming and friendly company. Every employee is there to help you no matter what your problem may be. This company does not push you in any way; you come when you’re ready. I would most definitely recommend this place to any friend or family member.
– S.H.

Our experience with Families in Focus was outstanding. Linda was very attentive and helpful and showed us excellent ways to improve our relationship and our lives. We would highly recommend Families in Focus to anyone seeking to improve their relationship.
– D. & B.

Families in Focus has made my appreciation for life, my friends, and family much greater. I am now able to take life step by step any not let the little things get to me so often.
– N.C.

The experience I have had has been pleasant and rewarding. They take the time to know you so the process is helpful and beneficial. Throughout this time I have felt I was listened to and understood in a way that I have not experienced before. I am truly grateful for the help I received; it has made a tremendous difference in my life.
– A.E.

I would like to express my appreciation for what you did to help me and my wife become stronger and better people. Things are going well. I reflect upon things I learned quite often and am slowly but surely applying them. I find this new knowledge quite helpful in coping with the ups and downs that I now know all marriages have…
– Wayne W.

Karen has been a source of light in my darkest days! Because of her sense of humor and gentle manner, I have made more progress than I ever thought possible. I have recommended Karen to several of my associates who have expressed interest in dealing with their highly personal issues. I look forward to our continued work together because I grow each time I see her. I am finally in touch with my life. I am truly thankful for her skill.
– Ed F.

I feel that the therapy I have had with Karen has made a difference in dealing with my co-workers, my boss, as well as my family. I have benefited greatly from the therapy and I wanted to let you know that I have recommended you strongly to some colleagues with personal and professional problems. Karen, you are good!
– Steve C.

Karen is personable, attentive, encouraging, positive, and inspiring. I think I have been helped immensely. I came to her feeling hopeless, tired, depressed, and lost. Now, several months later I am feeling hopeful again. I feel able to face the changes in my life and their challenges. Because of Karen’s belief in me and the therapy, I feel hopeful that I can have a productive life even though it will be a different life than before.
– Martha E.

Karen MacCausland has been very supportive. I have a lot of confidence in her abilities to deal with my ex-husband and the issues that surround the custody of my children. The divorce has been a difficult one because of my ex-husband’s inability to respond to the needs of our children. Karen has been able to mediate a reasonable existence between us two parents.

She has also been a healthy influence in the children’s lives in helping them express their feelings and cope with the changes. Karen uses humor and skill and meets the children on their own levels. The children love her. I would recommend Karen to other families experiencing custody problems. We have had other experiences with therapists from which to compare her services and she is the best.
– Shari

Karen MacCausland is a very well qualified therapist. She has been a very big help to me through a traumatic period of my life. I would recommend her to anyone needing understanding and guidance.

– N. & D.

Karen really helps me by providing a listening ear when I have nobody else to let off steam to. She gives me encouragement to do whatever I feel that I need to do when my family is too busy to care about my needs. When I don’t know what to do in my life and can’t decide how to handle my problems, she talks to me and helps me to decide the best way for me to handle my problems. She doesn’t give me the answers, but helps me to find the answers within myself. She seems to be a safe port in a storm.
– Donna