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The Seven Principle’s Couple Pogram

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | August 12th, 2018

Wow, it is Sunday night and I just completed teaching my first ever weekend Seven Principle’s couple program based on John Gottman’s book The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work. Here were some of the comments about the training:

  • “Enjoyed the creative add-on’s.”
  • “Karen’s special touches were awesome.”
  • “Your place (Karen’s office) is wonderful, nice and homey, very comfortable …warm and welcoming.”
  • “I hope others take this program, it is quite enlightening for all ages…I could see every 5 years a refresher course.”
  • “Even though we were friends coming in here, the program has drawn us closer.”
  • “Karen is quite good as a presenter.”
  • “I give Karen a ten out of ten for her presentations.”
  • “I would have never thought of all the love map material, a goldmine of future discussions and topics.”
  • “Very useful and helpful information, loved it all.”
  • “We were not that close coming into the class, this class has drawn us closer.”
  • “Karen is so sincere and humorous… her stories are compelling.”
  • “I am impressed with Karen’s knowledge of material, and appreciate the eye contact she made with all of us.  It made me feel included.”

Thanks everyone for all the nice comments and suggestions.

All in all, the program feels like a success and now I can sleep peacefully.

Are wondering what these are?  Call for information on The Seven Principle's Couple Program 636-928-5800

Are wondering what these are? Call for information on The Seven Principle’s Couple Program 636-928-5800

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