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By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | July 29th, 2018

I’m sure you are all aware of politicians, Hollywood personalities, sports superstars (or superduds), company executives who make news headlines, because they did something that we might consider immoral, unethical, or dishonest.  We get caught up in their stories, maybe even find them humorous or intoxicating. Unfortunately, we find these same stories happening in our own backyards involving people we know.


Some of the immoral, unethical, dishonest behavior we observe include

*greed in pursuit of wealth, status, power for one’s self

*taking advantage of someone for one’s personal gain

*accepting bribes/kickbacks

*seeking revenge on others

*lying because one doesn’t want to be ridiculed, made a scapegoat, or to protect someone’s feelings

*improper financial reporting – hiding or glossing over problems

*not following company policies or breaking local/state/federal laws

*self-aggrandizement – inflating yourself to be more important or powerful than you really are, believing your are “better” than others


Of course, none of us are perfect.  We have all made mistakes, bad choices, blunders in our lives. Hopefully, we have ltaken responsibility, learned and moved on.  I think some of us are oblivious or in total denial that we have done anything wrong.  We find justification or make excuses for our actions. Or we may compromise our values so we get what we want.


Having integrity means (examples)……….

*standing up to what is right

*fair distribution of wages, resources, people

*being kind and respectful towards others even if we don’t like them

*admitting we are at fault or we made a mistake

*when a mistake/error is in our favor, giving back what is not rightfully ours

*following laws, policies, ethical standards, etc because we know they are good for us

*staying true to our word

*being humble, knowing we are not better than others


Integrity means we do the right thing even if no one notices, no matter how small the decision is, no matter who we are dealing with, no matter if we’re dealing with gray areas.  It takes only few bad choices to quickly to veer off course.  Being dishonest or immoral has its consequences and those consequences will eventually unfold and spell bad news.


People around you with enough common sense will figure you out.  No one wants to associate with an immoral/unethical/dishonest person.  Even if no one knew you were such a person, could you live with yourself? Would you rather have peace with yourself or a piece of yourself (your character) that slowly erodes because you chose to be immoral, unethical, or dishonest?  As I’ve said in a previous blog, what people will remember the most is your attitude and character in how you conduct your life and how you carry yourself in this world.
Linda Luecke  MA, LPC

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