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Do Something Good for Others…

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | May 10th, 2019

Recently, I had the opportunity to help one of my good friends.  She and her husband will be adopting a special needs boy in China.  For the past three years they have been praying and raising money to make the adoption happen.  I recently read a newspaper article about their latest garage sale and their blog site describing their journey. After reading their story, I felt compelled to help my friend.  I figured why not?  In the past, I have helped others through volunteer work whether taking calls at a crisis hotline center, packing healthy nutritious meals for HIV/AIDs clients, or delivering Christmas packages to needy families.  I discussed this with my husband and we both agreed to help my friend.  My friend was totally blown away by our gift.  I told her that I felt blessed to help her.
So consider someone you know (or even don't know) who needs help.  They will truly appreciate it.

Linda Luecke  MA, LPC

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