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Celebrate Parents’ Day

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | July 23rd, 2018

Parents’ Day

Consider the effect parents have in the life of children.  The commitment and nurturing support of parents has a profound impact on the development of children.  Celebrating Parents’ Day on the fourth Sunday of July is an opportunity for families to talk about the positive experiences they have with parents and parenting.  Families may include many relationships including biological, foster and step families.  Parents’ Day can also recognize other significant people who take part in the raising of children in some families. 

According to the National Parents’ Day Coalition, “Parents' Day provides an opportunity to recognize and promote parenting as a central vocation for our families and communities. More than just a time to celebrate, it is an occasion to make a statement about what is important in our society. It is a chance to create a positive tradition based on a core axiom – that the role of parents is crucial in the nurturing and development of children, and thus requires investment, focus, and commitment.”

Parenting resources can encourage parents in this important endeavor.  Reading books, attending classes and actively learning how to be the best parent to your child make the task a little easier.  Participating actively in programs like Parents As Teachers or the opportunities at your local church or school help provide meaningful and consistent experiences for children from an early age.  We live in the information age and there are more resources for parents available every day.  Take some time before school starts and read a book, attend a seminar or meet with other parents to change up your skills as a parent.  Consider looking into Positive Parenting practices if you are feeling like you need to re-tool your parenting skills.

If you are in the sandwich generation (aging parents and children at home) or the empty nesters, you may be celebrating your own parents.  Experiencing the shift in roles, as our parents get older is sometimes disconcerting and sometimes very stressful.  Support groups and learning from online resources can make the process easier to anticipate and planning can be more manageable.

If you have questions about parenting or about adjusting to changes in your role with your own parent, post a comment or send us an email.  We would love to hear from you.

Families In Focus celebrates parents this weekend!  We recognize all the hard work of caring parents and we are here to encourage you.  We hope that everyone will take time this weekend and Celebrate Parents’ Day.  Parents make a difference!

Margaret Cook, M.Ed., Licensed Professional Counselor

Life Coach







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