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Adding 1 degree to your relationshp

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | July 18th, 2018

So, I am reading a book called 212 Degrees, written by Sam Parker and Mac Anderson, given to me, to my surprise, by Tom Hill (author of Chicken Soup of the Entreprenauer’s Soul and Living at the Summit, A Life Plan) at the Cottleville Chamber of Commerce luncheon during his inspirational talk, Tuesday, July 16. 212 Degrees is a short book about raising the temperature of water one degree. That one degree, the book explains, is the difference between something hot and something that can power a locomotive, steam. Interesting metaphor, I thought.
This is the first time I had ever been to Cottleville Chamber, I was not a member there, but Angela Bonomo of Perfect Pose Photography suggested I go.
I was at the meeting in Cottleville hoping to share information with the attendees present, about a new program that Families in Focus is first offering Aug. 10 & 11 to couples of all ages and stages in their relationship.
The Seven Principles Program for Couples, based on the New York Times best-seller book by John Gottman, is full of practical and proven, research-based information to improve and enhance relationships. As I read 212 Degrees I thought, The Seven Principles Program for Couples has the potential to raise the quality of relationships that one degree, to enrich, renew, and strengthen any relationship. Wouldn’t everyone want to create steam in their relationship?
Thank you, Cottleville Chamber, Tom Hill, Angela Bonomo, and Peggy Langdon, co-owner of Right At Home and President of the Chamber, for raising my temperature and inspiring me to keep on trying to make a difference in people’s lives and get the word out about this dynamic program that could change relationships forever. Call Families in Focus 636-928-5800 for details.

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